Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Grace at the Judgement Throne

I met with one of my girls this morning. Through God's grace, our time together has always been refreshing, encouraging and challenging. I am often amazed when we meet as the sins and struggles I experienced over the course of the past week consistently coincide with the sins and struggles she has encountered within the past week. God is so faithful to teach both of us during our time together.

Recently, we have begun going through "Whiter than Snow" by Paul Tripp together. It is a small devotional book with fifty two different readings concerning Psalm 51. We dealt with grace and mercy often last semester and I thought the book would be a good fit for our time together this semester. This has proved true.

Paul Tripp, in the first chapter, talked about how we often treat grace. When in sin, we often go to the throne of judgement and attempt to defend ourselves, acting as our own defense lawyer. "But I was provoked." "But she was so mean to me; it was only the proper response." "Well if they didn't dress like that, I probably wouldn't have lusted." "But look at how good I am other than that." "Oh look at her sin! Oh my! My sin is not near as scarlet." What silliness! And yet, I justify my sin in such capacities daily.

This morning, we tried to discover why people do this when the overwhelming downpour of grace is readily available. We decided it was rooted in pride, in which all sin originates, and then produces a lack of trust in our God and His promises.

God has promised His grace. The costly price of grace has been paid. And yet, I forget constantly that when I go to the courtroom and attempt to defend myself, I have thrown that costly grace to the wayside. I have preferred my seeming righteousness to the abundant grace available.

Not only does the Judge look upon me as white when clothed in grace but there is no fear in approaching the throne. Grace covers. I am covered by grace. I have no need to hide my sin. I have no need to attempt to defend it. I have no need to think I can justify it. The grace flows in an ever wide stream toward me because my sin runs deeply.

I am rejoicing in the bounty of His grace today. Praise Him for it's depth and constancy. I am reminding myself that I have no need to attempt to hide my sin. Oh, praise Him!