Thursday, September 24, 2009

God Will Provide.

I feel like my mind goes through boys rather quickly...I tend to have a few that I "like" at one time. That's something that I would love for the Lord to work on me with so that my mind might be even saved for my dear husband. Oh do I long for the day when his love for me will be declared. Why do I like certain guys and not others? This is something that I have examined for a while and I think I shall spend some time writing about it.

What do I find attractive within a man?

  • I think number 1 would be a deep and abiding love for our Lord Jesus Christ. Something that I find so much joy in watching is a man live out his life before the Lord, walking blameless before our God. I think something that accompanies this is a pursuing of holiness. He must desire that the Lord change him and continually be working within him. I also love seeing someone who can rightly divide the Word, understanding it well and being able to explain things to me and discuss things with me.
  • Number 2 would have to be his interest in me. Granted this is because I'm selfish but I love it when a man asks me questions and remembers what we discussed and can reference it later because he was truly listening. I don't have to be the leader in the conversation but he makes a point to ask "how was your day?" before I can get there. I love when someone is interested in what I have to say. Also, what goes along with this is that he makes a conscious effort not to interrupt when I'm speaking because he truly cares what I have to say.
  • I also desire that he be a strong leader. He isn't afraid of confrontation nor dislikes conflict but appreciates it for the opportunity it provides to speak truth. He is a servant though too. Even though he is leading, his one desire is to find ways to wash feet. Oh, how attractive! Going along with the leader thing, I really want to marry a first child. They're leadership abilities are built in and because I was a first child, that's just really important to me.
  • I desire that my husband is selfless in many ways in that he isn't too busy with work to spend time with people. That his time is worth more invested in people than in money. And his time is spread out. He doesn't spend every waking moment with one person but disperses his time knowing as a brother he can encourage his siblings in Christ.
  • I desire that he is a MAN! In that he appreciates manly things: (any combination of the following is acceptable) camping/hiking/backpacking, exercising, cars, guns, hunting, sports, cooking under certain conditions, grilling, lawn care, taking out trash, fixing things. Ah, I love men so much for this reason. I love it that they are so different from women in this that they love to fix things and figure things out---WONDERFUL!
  • I desire that he desire children and that he loves playing with them but in a guy sort of way not in nurturing motherly woman sort of way. Oh, I can't wait to see my husband with our children! Beautiful!
  • He is a spiritual leader in that he wants to pray and discuss Scripture with me and continually bring it up. He desires to guide me in that which is holy but with love not out of control.

God will be so good to provide. I love my husband already, may my mind and actions reveal such things.

Oh yeah, can my husband major in pre-med, pre-dental or engineering, please?