Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Progress Update I

I have a progress update on my 101 in 1001 list since it is nearing the end of January.

I am excited that I have completed #32 and have six other goals on my list.

Those accomplishments/goals that are in progress are the following:

#34 Read through the Bible: Yes, I have started and it is a beautiful thing to allow myself 1001 days to accomplish this task for as I read through I desire to savor every bite, big or small, I take. I have made this a goal or a New Year's Resolution so many times in the past and have never accomplished it because I was always so overwhelmed with how much I had to read in that year. It averages out to four chapters a day--not too much if you intend on only taking one bit of what you're reading with you. I also will be honest with you. I started this January 24, 2010. Just two days ago. Twenty four days after the new year had begun. Yes, I have not really been in the Word over the past twenty four days. This sorrows me greatly but when you don't yearn for it, it is so hard to make the time for it. On Sunday, I read Romans 1:1-2 after a wonderful, encouraging, and freeing conversation with Melissa and delighted in every word of those two verses. Oh how I yearn for it again! Yes my life is not always perfect and rarely do I have it together. Grace is good. And my God is good to have grace with me.

#39 Find and disciple a young lady: I have been praying about this one for a few months now. Back in December, I met with a few of the freshman girls from Navigators to test out how we "clicked." I found this to be fun and a good experience. With one of the girls, Kerrie, I had expected for our time to be perfectly awkward and for the time to drag by. Our conversation was good and we were able to go past surface-level topics. My time with Addy and Kayla was also a blessing and I have approached both of these girls about discipleship. Bethany is praying about discipling Kayla and I do not want to remove that opportunity for Bethany. I told Kayla that if she, for some reason, was not comfortable with Bethany, then I could disciple her but first and foremost, Bethany should be given the option first. I also asked Addy about such opportunity telling her to pray about it for the next couple weeks because I do not want to something the Lord is not leading us to do. I have also made it clear that I will not be offended if she does not choose me for it is true. I want her to have the freedom to make the decision herself without feeling any obligation to my emotions. This has been left in the Lord's hands and He shall do with it what He wills.

#44 Take Math 181: With my recent change in majors, I had to rearrange my schedule and it just so happened that a Math 181 class was open and it fit perfectly with my schedule. I love being able to do math again although this is going to be rather difficult. I think it will be helpful in my plan for tutoring next semester and in home schooling my children.

#46 Read 1 book per month every month for a year: I have finished my book for January already: The Last Sin Eater by Francine Rivers and am almost finished with my second January book (not that this was necessary): Adventures in Natural Childbirth by Janet Shoewegel (sp?). I have enjoyed being a reader again immensely. This has been good for entertainment, passing the time as well as furthering my mind and knowledge.

#58 Don't eat sugar for an entire year: Yes, yes I am doing it. Some people's resounding answer to this declaration is "YOU'RE CRAZY!" Some people's answer is "Wow, I wish I could do that." It started January 1, 2010 and will end the minute the clock hits midnight on January 1, 2011. Honestly it has not been that difficult because I have a goal in mind and I am purposed to achieving that goal. Temptations have been few and far between and even then they are resistible. I did have a dream the other day that I ate a cookie by accident without even thinking. Eek! I certainly hope that does not happen but even if it did, I would continue on for it was an accident.

#85 Organize my photos on my laptop: Ooph! Has this been a job. I've only gotten through three folders. It is one boring job but I am thankful that I am doing it because I want to get rid of all those weird unusable photos that are taking up gigabytes of space on my hard drive.

It is going well. I am thoroughly enjoying this process. I find things weekly that I need to put on my next list. Silly me--thinking in facebook statuses and 101 in 1001 lists. Oh how one must love technology.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


#32: Find and purchase a pair of flats that have arch support and are comfortable.

I found these babies a few months ago and had initially liked them. I decided against purchasing them because they were a little crazy and they wouldn't go with everything. The pair of shoes I ordered ended up smelling so BAD! They were so bad that if I didn't take a shower at night, I could smell my feet up at my pillow. ICK! So, despite the arch support and cuteness factor, I threw those away and attempted some new ones. I got these beauties from backcountry.com on Tuesday. I like them so far. They have good arch support and are roomy in the length. They are a little tight in the depth specifically with the mary jane strap but I think with some stretching, they'll come around. If they do not work out, there will be a #32 do-over. :)