Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sick and Browsing

I am currently sick. While sick, I allow myself to browse the Internet and Facebook without guilt as most of my day is spent watching movies (insert, "have watched Fireproof three times in 24 hours) because I can't focus on getting schoolwork done. Everything hurts, is spinning, or is draining or any combination of the above.

I have been making-over my dining room recently. It previously was a hodge-podge room and already I am much happier with it. The "designer" in me though is working on wall art ideas. I found this today and I want it. I'm thinking about purchasing it but haven't decided if the twenty two dollar price tag is worth it (why yes, I am a very cheap college student). I'm not sure yet but I do know that it provided fantastic inspiration for that room!

If you want one too, you can find it here.

Sunday, February 6, 2011



I sat in bed working on homework this afternoon while one of my Internet pages was tuned into so that I could keep up with the Super Bowl game. Usually I could care less--I simply didn't get your sports-interest gene but this time the Green Bay Packers were playing. As soon as I heard that the Packers had made it to the Super Bowl, my interest was peaked. Memories of your Green Bay Packers stadium replica that adorned your desk in your office and your cheese-head came flooding back and my passion for the Super Bowl was sparked for the first time in history. I rooted loudly for them as their points increased and made sure the neighborhood knew of my disapproval when the Steelers showed any sign of competition, all while Emily rolled her eyes from my bedroom floor. You see, Daddy, things like the Green Bay Packers are one of the few things that I remember about you. So, by rooting for the Packers, I was rooting for you and celebrating your life in one of the only ways I know how to anymore.

My memories of you are sparse and those that are left continue to fade. I sit in my desk chair clothed in one of your Piper Impact shirts remembering that which I can remember. I wish my memory was more capable of holding onto small delights and moments.

I must and do rejoice in Romans 8:28. Your death led to many good things because my God is faithful to His promises. I praise Him for a new family, new sisters, for New Mexico, for the opportunities and growth I have experienced. Most of all, I praise Him that out of the situation set before me at the age of ten, I later came to a saving knowledge of His wondrous works. I came to know His Son as my Savior and the Father as my Father. God you are good!

Daddy, as you died so long ago, I honestly cannot say that I know where you are for eternity; I don't have the courage to ask Mom because I fear the answer. Nonetheless, I will rejoice. I hope to see you when this earth is no longer my home but if not, my God is still my God. He is ever faithful and I shall praise Him forevermore. May His glory be my highest aim!