Wednesday, December 9, 2009

101 in 1001

1. Run a half-marathon.
2. Do a sprint triathlon.
3. Be able to run a 7:30 mile.
4. Get in shape.
5. Exercise for 21 days straight.
6. Take a pilates class.
7. Run in the rain.
8. Learn to knit.
9. Learn to snowboard.
10. Learn to play an instrument.
11. Learn to make Pad-Thai.
12. Take a trip with Mom.
13. Take a trip with Dad.
14. Return to SMR.
15. Go to Chicago to visit grandparents, Chelsea, Caleb and [Ryan?]
16. Put my feet in the Atlantic Ocean.
17. Put my feet in the Pacific Ocean.
18. Put my feet in the Gulf of Mexico.
19. Go to the Jemez hot springs.
20. Go to Slide Rock in Arizona.
21. Visit Mma and Papa in Florida.
22. Go on another mission’s trip.
23. Go to the orphanage in Juarez for at least a weekend.
24. Go on a spontaneous, unplanned road trip an hour after deciding to leave.
25. Sleep outside/camp alone for one night.
26. Hike the Grand Canyon.
27. Hike a 14-er in Colorado.
28. Go backpacking [not Grand Canyon].
29. Buy a pair of overalls.
30. Purchase a [large] computer monitor to use as a home theater system.
31. Buy a new pair of running shoes.
32. Find and purchase a pair of flats that have arch support and are comfortable.
33. Memorize the TMS.
34. Read through the Bible.
35. Don’t speak for an entire day but use the silence for prayer.
36. Institute <3 HDAWGs in a semester.
37. Switch churches.
38. Get involved with people my age at this new church.
39. Find and disciple a young lady.
40. Share the Gospel with an unbelieving friend.
41. Share the Gospel with a stranger.
42. Pray about who/what to faithfully support monthly.
43. Develop habit of praying first thing every morning.
44. Take math 181.
45. Take an infant development class/learn extensively about the subject on my own.
46. Read 1 book per month every month for a year.
47. Become relatively fluent in Spanish.
48. Research the Home Foundation []
49. Don’t go clothes shopping for 3 months straight.
50. Keep track of my spending in a journal for one month.
51. Give up texting for a week.
52. Give up Internet for a week.
53. Give up facebook for a month.
54. Blog daily for a month.
55. Save $2400 in the next 1001 days.
56. Write daily for a month in my husband journal.
57. Make cookies weekly for a semester.
58. Don’t eat sugar for an entire year.
59. Do something nice for a friend anonymously.
60. Send care packages to 3 far-away friends.
61. Write encouragement letters for twenty close friends [anonymously?].
62. Do something nice for a stranger anonymously.
63. Write thank you letters for my professors one semester.
64. Wait for the mail man one day and thank him.
65. Pay for someone behind me in the drive-thru.
66. Do Operation Christmas Child one Christmas.
67. Cook at the Ronald McDonald House again.
68. Math tutor either volunteer or for pay.
69. Make a quilt.
70. Make a successful wheat bread loaf.
71. Finish my life scrapbook.
72. Make a scrapbook of 101 in 1001.
73. Scrapbook my first year of college.
74. Make [sew] a piece of clothing for myself.
75. Make a painting.
76. Make/buy reusable grocery bags and USE THEM!
77. Write 5 short stories on events/memories in my life.
78. Write 5 poems applicable to life at the time.
79. Begin compiling an anthology of my short stories and poems.
80. Begin sending Christmas cards.
81. Host a tea party.
82. Host a dance party.
83. Host a cookie swap.
84. Plan a successful surprise party.
85. Organize my photos on my laptop.
86. Transfer organized and sorted pictures to zip drive.
87. Print organized and sorted photos.
88. Organize printed photos into photo boxes according to year.
89. Print canvases/prints for decoration within my home.
90. Clean out clothes that are too big, too small or clothes that I simply don’t wear any longer.
91. Do one major assignment one week ahead of time.
92. Dance in the rain with someone I love.
93. Take a picnic with someone/people I love.
94. Visit Mississippi and get reacquainted with a friend after carefully praying about whom this should be.
95. Go to a concert.
96. Go skinny dipping.
97. Curl my hair randomly for school.
98. Wake up at 6 am every day for a month.
99. Wake up without pressing the snooze alarm for one week.
100. Drink body weight in oz. of H2O for a month.
101. Develop healthy teeth brushing habits…[night: brush, floss, mouthwash, gel-kam; morning: brush, mouthwash]

This is a list of goals that I will begin to complete starting January 1, 2010 and the 1001 days will be up on September 27, 2012. As I complete each item I'll blog about it and provide pictures if possible. I think this will be a fun adventure over the next 2.75 years.