Monday, April 11, 2011

My God's Grace

I've been meaning to blog for a while. I have had a blog post floating around in my head for the last week but haven't had time to actually write as I am finishing up my last few weeks of school, prepping well for Thursday night Bible study and getting ready for this summer. All to say, here it is. Hopefully, it won't be this long before I post again.

As a logistical update in life, I am headed to nursing school this fall at Santa Fe Community College. My God is so good to know exactly what I need. This will provide that my schooling be much cheaper and that I get my summers off. My school terms will also be sixteen weeks rather than 14 weeks like at UNM. I'm hoping that despite the commute, that the program is a little more relaxed than UNM's Nursing Program would have been. Whether or not such is the case, His grace is sufficient and I am trusting in that.

I have also been given the tremendous opportunity to serve for my second summer at Worldview Academy in the Southeast. This has been a growing experience already. I found the struggle to love a new team and new people much harder than I expected but it has forced me to be on my knees asking the Lord that He make my feelings sincere toward these people. I have been asking that His love be the love with which I love them. My God has been faithful to answer prayer. I have found this to be a beautiful start to this summer. I have been communicating with some of our staff girls through facebook and my heart is getting more and more excited about the deep friendships that will come as a result of this summer.

I also have a beautiful praise of God's grace in my life to share. While praying about applying to WVA and finally deciding to do so, I prayed that the Lord would close the door if He wanted me at home and that He would have me accepted if I was to be with WVA. I trusted that their acceptance would be the answer. Sarah called me March 14 to tell me I had been accepted for the whole summer with the South East Team. That was a surprise! I really did think I was going to be home this summer. I accepted and rejoiced over God's sovereignty.

Last week, when the schedules posted for summer and fall classes, I perused the listings to find the one class I needed before going to SFCC this fall. I could not find it anywhere. I knew my permanent acceptance into Nursing school was counting on this class. I was left in a place of uncertainty. I didn't want to call the WVA office and tell them I couldn't staff. I had prayed the Lord would open the door if that's what He willed and so He did. He couldn't possibly be closing it this late, after I had spent so much time praying that He would cause me to love my team? As I went to bed Thursday evening, I knew He was in control. I knew He would work everything out for my good and for His glory but I don't think I really believed that. I had limited this "working for good and for His glory" to my being at WVA. That night as I got ready for bed, I slowly let it go. What He wanted was what I would surrender myself to because He is my Abba.

Friday morning after class, I immediately called SFCC to ask if I was even looking at the right class, which couldn't be confirmed that day, and started traipsing campus with the intention of getting into a class before I left for the summer during my last week of Microbiology. I found His grace to be more than sufficient in this often frustrating job of making it to the correct offices to ask the correct questions. I talked to an advisor and made it to OneStop. I found that it would be possible to take the class during my Microbiology class under the condition that I got the right signatures. I was overjoyed. I could do that.

This morning, Merilee, from SFCC, called and reported that after talking with those in charge of the Nursing Program that I didn't even need to take the class. I praise God for this. His grace is sufficient and is so much more than that. It is overwhelming. He would have given me everything I needed to find all the signatures or to find the class maybe in Las Cruces but He didn't.

It is easy to praise Him when things turn out the way they originally were supposed to and I praise Him in the midst of it. I pray that my reaction is the same when things don't seem to go the way I think they should. I pray that I would be submitted to His will and purpose for His glory and not my own.