Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Need

I sit on my bed relishing in the joy of arising early enough to take my time getting ready on this beautifully warm and bright Sunday morning. As I listen to Shane & Shane sing of God's great love, I am so aware of how needy I am for it this morning.

This past week has been exhausting. Almost daily, I have found a new area of conflict in my life concerning the relationships with which I surround myself. This leaves me broken and wondering how it can be corrected.

I praise God for the ability to go to church this morning. I need to be amidst believers this morning. I must be among the members of the Body. I have never been more aware of my need to be in Church than that which this morning presents. The need is deep and palpable and overwhelming. I look forward to church in half and hour and long to stand amidst worshiping believers--brothers and sisters--because I know from such a place comes refreshment.

This beautiful realization is simply that: a realization. I have this need every Sunday morning...and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I am simply often able to mask the need by ignoring it or stuffing it full of something than dwindles quickly. Our God is so good to make me aware of my need. He is so good to cause me to ascertain the depth of my thirst. So often I am able to momentarily satisfy it but it is never lasting. Oh how good my God is that HE provides Living Water. It satisfies and fills forever and ever. He is a good God. He desires to satisfy and comfort. I will enjoy Him this morning.